About GAUSS™

GAUSS™ is proud to be a leading American retailer of magnetic bracelets which are both stylish and therapeutic.

Designed with our customer’s lifestyles in mind, GAUSS™ bracelets are both stylish in appearance and lightweight in construction. Whether you’re at work, at home or out on the golf course, the unobtrusive GAUSS™ bracelet will feel invisible on your wrist.

All GAUSS™ bracelets are fitted with best-in-class magnet technology to maximise the bracelet’s therapeutic effects on circulation to alleviate discomfort caused by inflammatory conditions.

Over the previous decade, our USA-based design team has consistently improved the GAUSS™ bracelet, resulting in the powerfully magnetic device you see online today.

An added benefit of GAUSS™ is the versatility of the bracelet. Whilst many magnetic bracelets are designed to be worn on one wrist only, the GAUSS™ is designed to be worn on either wrist thanks to the internal direction of its magnetic field.

The GAUSS™ design team achieved this feat thanks to the latest innovations in magnetic technology. The bracelet’s internal magnets are tiny and powerful. They can produce a magnetic field which is comparable to the magnetism of a fridge magnet with just 10% of its weight.